About us

Padial spa was born in 1992 in Piacenza, and since the beginning of its business, has been the center of shopkeepers, shopkeeper cooperatives and commercial operators in Lombardy, Emilia, Liguria and Tuscany as well as throughout Switzerland.

Padial spa is part of the National Crai Cooperative, of which it is one of the historical partners.

Our activity

Our business is focused on the enhancement of the territories through a service and assistance model aimed at supporting the operational and commercial needs of the entrepreneurs associated with us.

In particular, the coordination and management of initiatives aimed at the dissemination and rationalization of the commercial organization of our members, the development of their functions and the modernization of the points of sale, allow us to operate profitably in the large-scale retail trade market, and to better meet the needs of customers and consumers.


The complete operational integration and strategic positioning and of our platforms - Piacenza for food products at room temperature and refrigerated and non-food products, Mantua for frozen products - allows us to develop the best logistic and assistance service with maximum efficiency.

In particular, the Mantua frozen food platform carries out its distribution activities throughout the national territory, with a specialized assortment for both retail outlets and Horeca and wholesale operators.

Our specialization

By belonging, vocation, knowledge of food & wine productions and also thanks to the support of our associates, we make the selection of the best food products, fresh and dry, our specialization, enhancing the numerous DOC and PGI and the many excellences of our territories.


Present in Switzerland since 2000 with our distribution platform in Canton Ticino, we have developed consolidated know-how for export to EU and non-EU markets. We are partners of all the most important Italian brands, distributors from our Crai brand, and moreover, we have an assortment of exclusive products, with characteristics and multilingual packaging.

Our signs

Our brands